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The professional Photoshop™ artists at
can transform your digital or printed photograph into a treasured, impressionist-style digital painting, starting at only $100 for the digital work. Only $150 delivered (in the US) for a finished 12 X 16 inch archival photo-painting on canvas or 100% rag paper, ready for framing. Also available framed.

Our Basic Transformation includes: color correction, dynamic range enhancement, feature sharpening, minor imperfection correction, background blurring, the application of image-appropriate individual brush styles, and finally the production of a high resolution digital image.

Extended Transformations may include: extensive image editing, combining images, replacing backgrounds, or image restoration. We can even create different art styles, such as watercolor, pencil drawing, or pop-art. After we receive your image, we can give you a quote for Extended Transformations.

Once your image has been transformed into digital art, we will send it to you, or better yet, we can use our high-resolution giclée printer to produce an archival print on satin-finish canvas or 100% rag paper. We can also print on many other substrates, such as photo-luster paper, watercolor paper, and even super-high-gloss aluminum.

Not sure if your photograph is good enough to become a work of art? Email it to us and we’ll let you know; and make sure to include your phone number. The email address is Test(at sign)WeTurnPhotosIntoArt.com.

For more information:
Bruce McFarland, digital artist
AskBruce(at sign)WeTurnPhotosIntoArt.com
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